BB Education: What to Expect in 2023

Here we are again, at the end of one year, the beginning of another. The question that inevitably arises centers around what the new year will bring. Sans a crystal ball we can only make projections based on what is and what we hope to create in the future. Last year, for PMA, I did a presentation that discussed the “Future of Pilates”. To find the ‘what is’, I rummaged through articles in the general media and looked at whatever data points I could find around fitness trends generally and mind-body fitness specifically. What I found then informs how I see Balanced Body Education in 2023. What I found…

  • Post Covid, health and well-being are front of mind for clients and valued as a uniquely important component to being and staying healthy in both mind and mind. 
  • Pilates is also front of mind as it is seen as a mind-body fitness tool that incorporates specialized equipment. This uniquely marries the ability to enhance physical fitness while also inspiring awareness and the spirit of mindfulness.
  • Pilates Studios and Pilates programs inside clinics and gyms are busier than ever
  • Virtual will not go away, but the emphasis will shift back to in-person and remains a powerful engagement tool.
  • Finding qualified instructors to work in studios and facilities is the number one concern for business owners. Maintaining qualified instructors is the second.
  • Continuing education for professionals and virtual offerings continues to grow. 
  • Collaboration, not competition, is what is valued most.

That is quite a list. What this means for Balanced Body Education in 2023.

  • We will continue to strive to enrich our programs and deepen them in the essence of Pilates. 
  • We will, when possible, use the digital tools at our disposal to curate and enrich our educational offerings. It is not good enough to simply replace live with online and the industry standards depend on how we all shift from pandemic mode to truly the ‘new normal’. Online coursework should offer opportunities, support the education process, and provide access, it cannot replace the in-person experience. 
  • We are seeking out ways to make Pilates Education accessible and open to the diversity of our bodies, our persons, our ideals, our hopes, and our styles of practice. We will not let the lessons of 2020 slip into memory. We will always strive to create educational opportunities that are inclusive and rooted in the belief that Pilates education is potentially transformative, and everyone should have the opportunity to participate to whatever level they aspire. 
  • Education is personal enrichment and a career opportunity. Now, more than ever, the opportunity for instructors to have a fulfilling career as a Pilates practitioner is possible. Balanced Body Education will continue to support the development of individual careers and provide education specific to the business of Pilates.
  • Foster and value collaboration over competition. It is so important that we remember the lessons of Covid. Isolated and alone creates silos of information. Sharing and supporting each other creates opportunities for many and stimulates the industry as a whole. 

Let us not forget. Balanced Body Education, and all Pilates education, was born out of the desire to serve our clients well. Pilates education is an industry-standard and has high value. It is a comprehensive study of not only a method of movement but also of movement itself and the value of movement to the individual client. As you scroll through your newsfeeds, notice how many articles reference ‘movement’ and health. These same articles discuss the exercise in relation to healthy brain function as they explore exercise and depression, anxiety, sleep, and Alzheimer’s. Articles that explore the value of balance training and aging, neuromotor reeducation, and long-term health, strength, and flexibility for the longevity of sport-specific performance are everywhere. These articles have permeated the consciousness of the client and all that is discussed in them live inside a well-structured Pilates session. As a result, finding highly qualified instructors, rooted in the essence of Pilates, and skilled to support the client’s goals is the ingredient to maximize the potential of this moment. In short, 2023 is a great time to be a Pilates instructor, and Balanced Body Educations’ primary goal, provide the education that helps you see the client, support the client, and enrich the client through this wonderful medium we call…Pilates. 


Joy Puleo is Balanced Body's Director of Education. In July of 2013, Joy moved, with her family, from New York to Sacramento, California to join Nora St. John and the rest of the Balanced Body team to work on developing curriculum and educational programming. Joy has been teaching Pilates teachers since 2002 and in the health and wellness industry since 1996. Joy earned her MA from Columbia University in Applied Physiology. As a lecturer she presents at conferences and studios across the country and abroad and with Balanced Body, she is a regular at most Pilates on Tours. In addition to her degree Joy is A.C.S.M. certified and is able to provide ACE credits for students who take her classes. She is a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor and teacher trainer, CoreAlign and Bodhi Suspension System master trainer and a graduate of the PhysicalMind Institute. Joy was also trained on the GYROTONIC,® Level I and the Ladder. In 2011 Joy founded Body Wise Connection, a not-for-profit which works with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Body Wise Connections sole purpose is to remind women that even in the throes of a diagnosis and treatment for cancer the body can heal and strengthen. Body Wise Connection works to restore physical self-awareness and empowerment through gently, rhythmic Pilates based movements. Though Joy is no longer in New York, Joys work has expanded to include all cancer patients regardless of the primary cancer diagnosis. Joy believes that movement changes lives and that education is the key to unlocking potential. Joy is thrilled to be working with Balanced Body on the shared mission of elevating mindful movement as a component to long term health and wellbeing.



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