Back To School with Mary Lou Schell! Part 1

Back To School with Mary Lou Schell! Part 1

As the the new school season begins, Mary Lou Schell, fitness director at MB FIT Studio, shows us some quick workouts students can do before school using some simple props to get the blood flow moving and keep them strong!

These exercises may be done in a circuit form (exercise sequences below). 2-3 rounds for each exercise, 20 -30 seconds each, with a  5-10 second transition between each exercise.

Marching ( warmup ) 

Standing tall, alternate knees up to hip level. Use your arms, moving them forward and back . This exercise helps to get your body ready to move and get the blood pumping.


Position the feet as wide as shoulders , drop the hip and glute back into a seated position. Keep knees and feet facing forward, the chest stays tall and keep the eyes forward to keep a strong posture.

Shoulder Press (with Balanced Body hand weights)

Place the hand weight in hands with palms facing in. Press both arms over the head. Keep posture tall and the knees and hips softly bent.

Squat with Bicep  Curl (with Balanced Body Hand weights)

This is great to help strengthen the legs and arms. The arms are down the sides of the body while going into a squat.  Posture needs to stay tall while keeping your eyes forward.

Mountain Climbers 

Position your body in a plank position, strong like a surfboard. Tuck and alternate the knees towards the chest. Make sure to keep the hip at the same level at the shoulders – this will help with your core strength.

Upper Body Twist (with the Balanced Body SmartBell) 

Place a SmartBell in your hands. Place the bell in front of your chest to start and plant your feet firmly to the ground. Begin to slowly twist from the middle of your back, going side to side.  This helps strengthen and move the upper body.

Front Chest Press (with the Balanced Body SmartBell) 

Take the SmartBell and press it away from your chest. Keep  your upper body tall with your hips & knees slightly bent.



Mary Lou has been an experienced fitness and wellness coach & educator for the last 20 plus years in both the English and Spanish speaking markets. She has extensive knowledge in Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, and Sports Conditioning. Most of her exercise programs are directed towards improving Golf, Tennis, and overall fitness. As the Founder & Owner of M Fitness & Wellness in Southern California, her goal is to create an experience toward longevity and an active, pain-free lifestyle. Mary Lou’s growing passion for exercise, health, and education brings commitment and contagious positive energy in her community and beyond. Her formal training has given her an edge in the fitness industry.


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