Back Extension and Lateral Flexion: Ultra Fit Circ...

Back Extension and Lateral Flexion: Ultra Fit Circle, Pilates Arc and MOTR Arm- Outside!

These movements are often neglected yet extremely important to maintain good posture, develop core strength and keep the spine healthy.  The main things to think about during these movements is to create length in the spine without compression, engage the abdominals, keep the shoulders drawn down and the chest open.

On each piece of equipment, there is a progression from fundamental to more advanced, depending on your level and how you’re feeling. And you can totally do these outdoors!

Ultra Fit Circle

Back extension:

Lie prone and place the pinky side of the hands-on end of the circle with straight arms.  Draw the shoulders down the back and lift the chest slightly to engage the upper back.

To progress, lay the circle in front of the body with hands pressing into the circle to engage the lats and mid-back.  Lengthen the arms to lift the chest off the floor. 5-10 reps

Lateral Flexion:

Kneel with one leg extended out to the side, hold the circle in front of body, and lateral flex away from the extended leg.  Add an arm extension and pulse the circle to progress and for added work, keep the arms extended throughout the movement. 5-10 reps

Pilates Arc

Back extension:

Lie prone on top of the arc, legs resting lightly on the step and toes flexed on the ground.  Place the hands on the ground under the shoulders and extend the spine into a swan.  Progress by alternating opposite arm, opposite leg lifts. 5-10 reps

Lateral Flexion:

Lie on one side over the barrel with bottom knee bent and top leg extended.  Lateral flex over the arc with top hand by ear and bottom arm extended long.  Progress by adding leg lifts of the top leg then pulse upper body upward towards leg. 5-10 reps


Back extension:

Using the MOTR arm on 3 lbs, lie prone with hands in the straps & feet flexed holding the MOTR arm.  Begin with basic swan and progress to single-arm extension, double-arm extension, and double arm extension with a back lift.  5-10 reps

Lateral flexion:

Kneel with the MOTR straps on the feet, hold the MOTR arm in both hands and extend one leg out to the side.  Bend elbows holding MOTR arm against the chest and lateral flex away from the extended leg.  Progress slowly into arms overhead as lateral flex over to the side.

Click HERE or the image below to watch the workout.

MOTR Pilates Arc Circle

At a young age and through dance, Brigitte Garten knew she had a passion for health and fitness. This passion guided her to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from San Diego State University in 1998. When introduced to Pilates in 1999, she instantly fell in love with the method. By 2001 she was a Certified Pilates Instructor and holds three Pilates certifications, including the world-renowned BASI (Body Arts and Science International), A-Line Technique, and the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance). She also holds certifications through AFAA in Group Fitness, Barworks, and TRX Suspension. One can find her currently instructing Pilates full-time throughout the Orange County area. Don’t be fooled by her sweet nature and giggle, her classes are challenging, yet energetic, fun, and of course detail orientated. She always considers herself a student of Pilates and constantly strives to learn more. Her teaching is always evolving to bring her clients the most up to date and worthwhile Pilates session. Outside of the studio you’ll find Brigitte hiking, biking, gardening, experimenting in the kitchen, plus spending quality time with family, friends and her husband and two dogs. Want to find “Bee”? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram: beespilates.



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