Samantha Walley has been teaching movement and exercise for the past 50 years. As a young dancer, she began as a teacher bringing ballet to developmentally challenged children. Samantha completed both undergraduate and graduate studies in Chemistry, which led to a 20-year career in aerospace engineering. This combination of professional experience and teaching exercise and movement led her to Pilates. She completed her initial training with Polestar in 1999. She went on to complete training in 2002 at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, a school established by Romana Kryzanowska and the Taylor sisters. Samantha has been a student of Jay Grimes, Karen Frischmann, and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates since 2010, where she completed both "The Work" in 2011 and "Teaching the Work" in 2013. Samantha continues her training weekly. Her combined experience as a Pilates teacher, a teacher of Pilates teachers, and her practice as a Pilates student herself as well as her 20-year tenure in engineering gives her a unique perspective which has allowed her to view how things fit to work together as well as the power and beauty of the human form in movement.

Articles by Samantha Walley

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