Kim's formative years were spent growing up in North Philadelphia and Los Angeles. At the early age of 14 years old Kim began her professional dance career landing jobs on tv shows, movies, dancing and touring with music artists and performing in musicals and plays. During her senior year of high school Kim received a scholarship to study with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Martha Graham which led her to have the opportunity to perform with several NYC dance companies. During her dance career Kim began to experience several overuse injuries and was eventually sent to a physical therapist that introduced her to the healing benefits of Pilates. Soon after Kim began to take Pilates sessions at the New York Pilates Studio and this is where Kim's love affair began with the Pilates Method "Contrology". In 1995 after an acclaimed career as a dancer, performer and finding herself fascinated by the transformative power of the teachings of Joseph Pilates Kim went on to complete her comprehensive studies and received her own Pilates Certification in 1997.

Articles by Kim

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