Heather King-Smith has been teaching Pilates since 2000. As a student in the Master of Public Health at Emory University, Heather turned to Pilates for stress relief and to balance the sedentary lifestyle she acquired while writing her thesis. Heather loved Pilates and valued the balance it provided to her academic life, and after a few years of practicing Pilates, she decided to embark on a teacher training program in early 2000. After having trained a cohort of newly hired physiotherapists at One on One, in 2012 based on Balanced Body’s curriculum, Heather realized there is a need for Pilates teacher training customized for the needs of physiotherapists and began developing a curriculum specifically to meet this need. The Pilates 4 Rehab curriculum is based on Heather’s experience working closely with physiotherapists in a rehabilitation setting, and learning from their feedback and experience in using Pilates as a therapist with their patients. You can find Heather and her teacher trainings at: heatherkingsmith.com.

Articles by Heather

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