Enja Schenck (Classical Pilates NYC) was certified by Bob Liekens and worked by his side in NYC for 8 years. After her time as lead Teacher of Teachers for the Power Pilates Teacher Training Program, Enja started teaching workshops independently, nationally and internationally. Over the years she continued to deepen her own Pilates practice, taking regular sessions with Bob, as well as with Cynthia Shipley, one of Romana’s Pilates Level II Trainers. In addition to her Pilates credentials, Enja has an M.S. degree in Sport Science and teaches Exercise Science coursework as an Adjunct Lecturer. She is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a certified Powerlifting Coach (USAPL), as well as the creator of pilatesscience.org, a platform dedicated to showcase the latest scientific Pilates research. Enja's teaching is inspired by Bob Liekens’ influence, Athletics, Exercise Science and the desire to challenge every client to find the hardest thing they can do well.

Articles by Enja

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