Are you a Sitting Duck for Health Issues? Pt. 1

Are you a Sitting Duck for Health Issues? Pt. 1

Do you remember the famous phrase “sitting is the new smoking”? Sitting isn’t inherently the problem—it’s prolonged inactivity that threatens our health.


There are myriad health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, including an increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, and cognitive impairment. 

Physical activity decreases the risk of all-cause mortality, prevents injuries, improves mental, emotional, and cognitive health, and assures better sleep.

How to Increase Physical Activity While Sitting

Millions of people are required to sit for 8 hours or more a day. Making activity simple, accessible, and part of our daily routine is the key to offsetting the health risks of prolonged sitting and inactivity. 

Recent research suggests taking small movement snack breaks throughout the day benefits our health. When sitting, it’s better to move and fidget than to seek one “perfect posture”.

The SITFIT® Plus from SISSEL® is a fabulous device for moving while sitting or as a tool for creating movement snacks throughout the day.

Five Things to Love About the SITFIT Plus:

  1. It’s an active sitting device with two positions for variability—turn it one way for more support and the opposite way for a little more adventure!
  2. Creates automatic dynamic trunk activation—no need to “engage the core.” The SITFIT Plus assures your trunk is intrinsically doing exactly what’s required.
  3. Adjust air pressure for your unique needs—you can be like Goldilocks. Too firm? Too soft? Change the pressure to get your SITFIT Plus feeling just right.
  4. Comfortable on any chair—once you get your SITFIT Plus feeling the way you’d like, you now have a personalized device you can bring to any chair.
  5. Multiple uses for movement—the SITFIT Plus isn’t just for sitting. You can use it to enhance your workouts and add movement snacks every hour or so throughout your day.
  6. It’s FUN. That’s six things to love, but hey, movement needs to be fun!


Lindy Royer is the founder of PM Center for Movement, a Personal Mastery and Integrated Movement company based in Centennial CO. She is a PMA-certified Physical Therapist and a member of the Balanced Body faculty. In her role at Balanced Body, Lindy brings her expertise in Physical Therapy, movement, pain science, and personal mastery to the exploration of whole body efficiency and health.



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