A CoreAlign Success Story: Q&A with Jules Wolf...

A CoreAlign Success Story: Q&A with Jules Wolf Stenzel

Jules Wolf Stenzel is the owner of Jules Pilates in Madison, WI, and a Balanced Body Master Instructor for CoreAlign.

How did you hear about the CoreAlign?

Some teachers that I worked with went to the first Pilates On Tour conference where it was unveiled, loved it and told me I had to try it. So, the next year I went to the Chicago POT and there was a room with CoreAligns in it. At lunchtime, a teacher was giving demos and let me try it. It was clear I needed a lot of correcting, and there was some (perhaps) justified eye-rolling at my enthusiasm and zealousness (where is the Contrology, Jules?). But I LOVED the feeling of movement on the CoreAlign. I was hooked.

When did you decide to add it to your studio and what was the reasoning behind it (also, how many do you have)

I opened my studio in 2014 and was stockpiling equipment beforehand in my basement (I remember the kids had to sit on Pilates equipment when they were watching TV). I think I had a CoreAlign or two in there. When the studio opened I added the CoreAligns as part of the mix right away. I eventually moved to a new space and now have 5 – which is more than the 3 Reformers I have!

How do you use it in your studio?

I have CoreAlign classes which are solely on the CoreAlign (and labeled as such). I have some folks who do private lessons on the CoreAlign because it works for their health issues when the other equipment doesn’t (e.g. people who cannot tolerate flexion). And some use it to cross-train for their sports.

I also add the CoreAlign to the mix during equipment lessons and classes when I want to work a training principle in the vertical position. It can add balance challenges since the carts move separately under the feet in standing. For people who don’t like standing on the Reformer, or that isn’t appropriate for them, it is a nice place to work splits and lunge variations, because people can hold on to the ladder, and the unit isn’t very high up off the floor.

Why did you decide to become a CoreAlign Master Instructor?

Truly, I just can’t get enough of it and I want to share my joy on the CoreAlign with more people. The best way to spread the word is by having more teachers teach movement with it.

CoreAlign is known for being great for gait – do you use it for that in your business?

Absolutely. I work on foot and lower limb mechanics, as well as creating a natural flow and rhythm between the upper body and lower body.

What do your clients think of it and have they seen good results?

Oh yes. From cross-country skiers to folks looking for more balance or just trying to conquer fears of movement, all ages, and all sorts love it. There is something for virtually everyone on the CoreAlign.

Are you still using it personally?

I am so glad you asked. This is my go-to apparatus. I rehabbed on the CoreAlign after both of my hip replacements.

How would you say the CoreAlign has positively affected your business?

It has created an outlet for folks who don’t want to or just can’t move slowly on the Reformer. It has given me more options for classes – and that keeps people who’ve been doing Pilates for a long time interested. It has helped so many people feel better and keeps them coming back for more.

Jules and her mentor, Lolita San Miguel

Jules and her mentor, Lolita San Miguel

The repertoire on the CoreAlign is huge, so there is a lot to keep coming back for!



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