7 Ways CoreAlign Changed My Business

CoreAlign: A Novel tool to enhance your business

The CoreAlign is a unique piece of exercise equipment and a novel training method designed to allow whole-body movement with resistance from multiple directions. The CoreAlign was created by Jonathan Hoffman, BPT, Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy, in order to upgrade physical ability with focus on core control, posture, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and dynamic alignment using standing exercises and functional movement patterns.

Jonathan first introduced the CoreAlign to his clients in a rehab setting. The benefits were so great, that he began offering CoreAlign classes and founded the CoreAlign method in 2004. In 2010, Balanced Body produced the first commercially available CoreAlign units and launched the CoreAlign education program.

The CoreAlign consists of two independent carts, two separate tracks, with standing platforms at each end of the frame. Cart resistance involves connecting color coded elastic bands between the carts and the frames, or between the carts themselves. Resistance can be changed by switching the colors or number of bands used.

Tessa Hale Pilates Physical Therapist CoreAlignSimilar to Pilates, the CoreAlign method seeks to improve the balance and harmony between the stability and mobility components of specific movements. Training involves consciously performing movement tasks “perfectly” with feedback from a trained instructor. Using the motor control theory, repetition of these exercises performed consciously and harmoniously will eventually lead to automatic performance in a harmonious manner over time. Exercises in a CoreAlign class or session simulate situations which are part of everyday living such as walking, squatting, lunging, leaning, or performing specific sport activities.

7 Ways the CoreAlign has helped my business

  1. The CoreAlign has become a primary modality for therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular control and gait training in my PT practice. I have used it with clients from ages 8-98 with various diagnoses, conditions and abilities.
  2. CoreAlign small group classes are a great way to bring a new client population and new income stream to an existing Pilates/fitness studio or PT clinic.
  3. CoreAlign classes are FUN and help with client retention. Clients quickly become addicted to having so much FUN that they don’t feel like they are working out.
  4. CoreAlign provides a great option for clients who are unable or do not like to lay down to exercise. I have worked with many clients with vestibular issues and pregnant clients throughout all stages of their pregnancy using the CoreAlign.
  5. CoreAlign exercises mimic the dynamic balance challenges and reciprocal leg movements involved in gait and many of our daily activities, making it a very functional!
  6. CoreAlign is a great compliment to a Pilates practice as it involves similar movements and principles, but brings them into an upright orientation to gravity, which is how we function in the real world.
  7. CoreAlign is a great tool for conditioning and injury prevention for athletes of all types. I have worked with professional football, baseball, cycling, equestrian, swimming, dancing, figure skating, soccer, etc. athletes to rehab and prevent injuries using the CoreAlign with great success!

Meghan Bubnis is an experienced Pilates instructor, Balanced Body faculty member, and a licensed physical therapist. She has experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic issues in people of all ages and abilities. Meghan earned her B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame in 2001, and began working as an actuary. Holding fitness certifications through ACE and AFAA and a Pilates mat certification through Physical Mind, she also continued to work in the fitness world. After two years as an actuary, Meghan realized she was better suited for a career in physical therapy where she would be able to combine her teaching skills with her love of sports, fitness and movement. She is currently the owner of Mindful Movement LLC in Allentown, PA. center4mindfulmovement.com.



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