5 Things to Know When Planning a Virtual Event

5 Things to Know When Planning a Virtual Event

Today, a virtual event is the best way, if not the only way, for people to connect with each other. There are factors to consider while planning an online event.

Here are 5 tips on how to successfully plan a virtual event.

1. Offer Breaks During Your Event

Sitting in one spot for an entire day without a break can be just as taxing as being at an all-day event. Offering breaks during your event allows attendees to relax then refocus when the event resumes. Breaks are also an opportunity to engage with attendees in a less formal chat room or discussion.

2. Consider Time Zones

Remind attendees what time zone the event is taking place as often and in as many places as possible. Adding a clock on the homepage that counts down to the start of the event allows attendees to see when things begin.

3. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Schedule presenters for a technical rehearsal with the equipment they will use (i.e., camera, microphone, lighting), as well as in the space they will present. Take note of the time of day the presenter will be rehearsing, if the technical rehearsal takes place in a sunny room at 10 AM but the presentation is at 7 PM, the lighting will be different when the presentation goes live.

4. Create a Shared Experience

Sending a special gift box with branded merchandise and unique items cultivates a deeper connection to the event. You can take it a step further and add something scented, such as a pouch of lavender. Having the same scent at future events can trigger a shared sensory memory to connect the attendees to past virtual event.

5. Think Ahead

We won’t work in the virtual space forever. Some people will have trepidations about coming back together while others will be thrilled. When the time comes, this is a great opportunity to offer both options. Look into programming that will do well in hybrid settings.

Key Takeaways

Set your event up for success by planning ahead of time, rehearsing, and putting in extra touches to make it special and rememberable. Remember, people are craving connection and community – your next event can be just that with the right planning!

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Barbara Mattox is the Education Events Manager for Balanced Body and is currently in charge of all virtual events for the company. Her next event is the Best of Pilates On Tour: Leaders in the Field on January 30-31. Questions for her? She can be reached at



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